Copycat KFC
KFC recipe clone sought by a lot of people around the world, maybe including you! If you're looking for KFC recipe clones, you so LUCKY today! Because I'm going to share the recipe here. Anyway, thank you very much to Colonel Sanders who made Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). And now you can find copycat KFC recipe here, so you can make it in your kitchen.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Coating Ingredients
- Two envelopes tomato soup mix, preferably Lipton brand Cup-O-Soup (about 1 g each on each, or about 1 / 4 cup)
- Two envelopes Italian dressing mix (the envelope 3 / 4 oz it is.) 
- 1 tablespoon paprika
- 2 teaspoons dried chervil (optional, but makes a big difference in taste) 
- 1 teaspoon seasoned salt 
- 1 teaspoon instant chicken bouillon powder
- 1 teaspoon dried parsley
- 1 teaspoon tarragon 
- 1 / 2 teaspoon sage 
- 1 / 4 teaspoon pepper 
- 3 cups pancake mix, preferably Bisquick brand (self-rising flour can be substituted, but do not taste as good)
- Buttermilk chicken enough to soak the chicken

How to Make KFC Recipe?
Kentucky Fried Chicken for coating in a blender mix all ingredients.

Fried chicken coating a whole chicken, cut enough. Buttermilk in the fridge at least an hour to take the chicken pieces. Roll the chicken in the butter mixture and stir to coat chicken. Let chicken stand at room temperature while waiting for oil to heat there.

The office copy of the original recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken fried, if possible. If not possible, use a cast iron skillet. Chicken not rush into the pan. Lard or butter, if you really want to try using the original Kentucky Fried Chicken. If you are making this recipe for chicken, it is likely that low-fat, healthy recipes were not looking.

Brown chicken in a skillet over high heat. Then lower heat and cover pan. Cook until the fried chicken is done, about 30 minutes. During the last 5 or 10 minutes, uncover the pan and turn heat. This crispy fried chicken up. Be careful not to burn the chicken in the final stage.

Fried chicken Remove and drain on paper towels. Serve while hot.